Ananya Malhotra grew up in India where jewellery holds significant importance at ceremonies and in culture.

For Ananya, jewellery is personal and carries great sentiment and she went on to discover her true passion when studying at Central Saint Martins and GIA. She was keen to share the cultural and sentimental value jewellery has for her and seeks to achieve this through her use of material and design.

Ananya translates into ‘unique’ in Hindi, and this is reflected in both her designs and the brand’s overarching mission: to create jewellery that has no equivalent: in beauty, craftsmanship and meaning.



Bea Bongiasca, born in Milan in 1990, is an Italian jewellery designer.

Bea Bongiasca’s inspiration stems from her deep passion for pop culture, contemporary art and design, conflated with her love for everything colourful.

The classic gold of her jewellery is often joyfully submerged with bright enamel colours that are not commonplace in fine jewellery. The unexpected evolution lends her jewellery kinetic movement and a bold look.

Bea’s focus is on jewellery as an art form, each piece – at once playful and intricate – functions as a miniature fantasy world for the wearers to immerse themselves in and evade reality, even if just for a minute!